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About Me

Being a celebrant is an honour. I have the pleasure of meeting some amazing couples and families. I share in the story of welcoming a new born baby or an adopted addition to the family, the joining of families as one.  I have the honour of uniting couples in marriage as they share their love for each other with family and friends or in an intimate setting.  I welcome same sex couples and believe everyone has the right to love.  Sharing the store of a loved one in a celebration of life or a funeral is the biggest honour for me.  Families are emotional and I capture the story of their loved one passed.  Sharing that story in a heartfelt way is a true honor.  

Wedding Ceremonies: I love to hear the love stories about how couples met, the planning or spontaneous  proposal and where they take place. The planning of a wedding and bringing families together.  To see the smiles and tears of joy on faces as the ceremony unfolds is amazing.  I make sure the guests are ready and seated with their phones turned to silent before the couple arrive.  I work well with other suppliers, I can sense when a photographer is trying to capture that moment and make sure I am out of the way.  I help couples to prepare for the best photo of the ring, the kiss and the signing of the register.  I have many years experience in different roles in the wedding industry and have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve to ensure your day runs smooth. Love is Love and I celebrate with you as you share your promise to each other.   Special rituals like sand ceremony is very personal, a wine ceremony, hand tying, or candle lighting. Uniting of families as one is also a specialty.  

Baby Naming's: The anticipation of an arrival of a new family addition the love that has developed along the way. The preparation of welcoming a new life is beautiful.  I create specialised naming ceremonies for families.  You receive a beautifully prepared ceremony and a lovely Baby Naming Certificate. I also welcome the joining of families as they become one.  

Renewal of Vows: While working with couples to create a personalised renewal of vows to celebrate their love I get to hear the beautiful stores of triumph and challenge to achieve the many milestones along the way.  The life stories are heart warming and bring wonderful smiles to the guests at the ceremony.  

Farewell, Memorial, Funeral, Celebration of Life: Sitting with the families of a loved one while they share their story is an absolute honour.  The stories of bravery, dedication and love as they reminisce about the life that has now passed. The special moments are heartfelt, funny, of love.  My experience has taught me to show compassion, to be caring and respectful and to treasure the moments for the family.  I welcome the family to contribute during the service if they wish and I provide support throughout the process.  I share the story of love and laughter and treasured memories for family and friends to reminisce the moments. A celebration of life is a very personal journey and can be done just as you wish.  

I have been a celebrant since 2015 and it really is an honor to celebrate life.  Having lived in the northern area of Adelaide for most of my life I love to travel far and wide to share my expertise as a celebrant.  Feel free to message or text me if you have any questions that I can be of assistance with.  

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